Audience Response

Hosting a very large event of 500 plus attendees? Looking for an effective way to interact and connect with the audience? Complete AV Solutions offers a full range of interactive audience experiences for government and corporate events.

Audience response is a powerful technology that allows presenters, event facilitators and trainers to gather live feedback from an audience. When you incorporate audience response into your event, you can communicate with your group and gain valuable audience feedback without everyone shouting at once. What’s more, our audience response solution:

  • Increases audience participation
  • Eliminates barriers with anonymous keypads
  • Engages your audience and improves retention
  • Save money and time over paper-based surveys and forms

With easy integration into PowerPoint, quick and reliable keypads and custom add-on modules, our Audience Response systems offer the latest in technology.

Contact us today to learn how you can rent or purchase your own system for your next event.